13 Adventurous Tofu Recipes To a Balanced Diet

13 Adventurous Tofu Recipes To a Balanced Diet

You dont have to be a vegetarian or even a vegan to enjoy delicious tofu recipes like these. Over the years, I have dabbled in a vegetarian lifestyle, and I have found that a versatile protein diet is key to sticking to a healthy diet. No one really wants to eat the same thing day in and day out, So I cultivated some of my favorite tofu recipes from all across the internet and from some of my favorite recipe bloggers. 


Tofu Scramble

Forget the blase morning eggs, swap them out for some Extra Firm tofu and throw together this delightful skillet of tasty protein. 


Blueberry tofu smoothie

 If you are looking to add Protein and texture to your post workout/ breakfast, afternoon snack smoothie, try this delicious silken tofu smoothie recipe. It makes the smoothie taste way more like a milk shake instead of Juice, and its a fresh alternative to Protein powder. But if you're interested in protein powder you should click HERE

Mini Vegan Frittatas

 MMM.... Savory Muffins!! I just cant get enough garlicky goodness from these guys. These yummy Frittatas are packed with protein and veggies for a very satisfying light breakfast and/ or mid day snack.

Crustless asparagus quiche

This melt-in-your mouth vegan quiche is unbelievably easy to make and full of protein and veggies. Mash tofu, mix with soy milk and flour, add flaxseeds, dill, and onion, and pour into a baking dish. Top with asparagus and sprinkle with salt and pepper before baking for 20 minutes.


Curried Tofu Breakfast Scramble with Spinach


Here’s a savory way to start the day: Cook crumbled tofu until golden-brown, then add in olive oil, onion, garlic, and bell pepper for a few minutes. Season with curry powder, cumin, and coriander, and stir to combine. Serve on toast or by itself with green onions on top for garnish.


Tofu Cacao Nibs Pancakes


Protein pancakes can sometimes taste like, well, protein powder. Using tofu instead achieves the same healthyish breakfast treat protein punch, and makes them extra fluffy. Cacao nibs and vanilla extract sweeten these guys up, so you only need the tiniest bit of maple syrup to make 'em taste indulgent.

Crispy Tofu and Blood Orange Soy Over Broccoli


Bright-green broccoli combines with tamari, garlic powder, sea salt, and (of course) tofu for a light, refreshing salad perfect for a small appetite or as an side to another dish.

Eggless Salad Sandwich

A vegan egg salad sandwich? Yep, it’s possible. Tofu, celery, onion, vegan mayo, and seasonings combine to form a classically delicious egg salad—minus the eggs.

Honey Ginger Tofu Veggie Stir Fry


For a hearty, flavorful bowl that will rival anything from your local take-out (and turn out way healthier), combine farro, asparagus, carrots, green onions, and tofu with a garlic ginger stir-fry sauce.

Sweet Potato + Kale Green Curry with Tofu

This dish is a true delight. Green curry and coconut milk, sweet potato and tofu, there really is a magical combination in this bowl that deserves a night of involvement. Try pairing this with a nice bottle of Cloudy Sake, you wont regret it. 


Sesame Ginger Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

 This dish will trick you into believing you are eating something straight from a restaurant menu. This recipe will teach you some amazing tricks for preparing tofu and it will allow you to apply them to just about any Asian style recipe.  

Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl

Quintessential Peanut Thai sauce and Tofu.  


Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Honey Baked Tofu 

Deliciously sweet and deceptively nutritious. 


We hope you enjoy one of these recipes this week! and PLEASE tell us about it! We really care what you think. 


Happy Cooking! Enjoy the Adventure!

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