8 Ab Moves for a Flatter Stomach

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8 Ab Moves for a Flatter Stomach

8 Ab Moves for a Flatter Stomach

You can do crunches all day long, everyday, until you are blue in the face, and you will never see the definition that you are looking for. Your abdominals are made up of several different sections of muscle that make up your whole core and in order to see true progress, the workouts that you are doing must use all of your core muscles, This includes those tricky back muscles. 

Here are 8 Ab moves that will allow you to gain a full core workout. You will need a glider or a dish towel for a couple of these moves. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Complete each exercise one after the other with little to no rest. Rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the circuit. 3 times is recommended.

  1. Knee-Up


Supporting yourself with your hands placed behind you bending at the elbow, lean back, keep your spine straight and extend your legs out and up. Try not to go too high as this will decrease the activation in your muscles and make the exercise less intense.


  1. Twisting Knee-Up



Same Move as before, only this time you are going to drop your knees to one side and point your toes at an angle, hold for two seconds in the extended position. Complete this move twice on each side, so 1 and 2 on the right then 1 and 2 on the left, holding for a two count each time.


  1. V-Up


Laying on your back, with your arms fully extended over head, toes pointed, keeping your back straight, come up and touch your toes. When you release, try not to let your shoulders or feet touch the ground.


  1. Y/T Position Superman



Laying on your stomach, Extend your arms straight over head in the Y position, feet straight out behind you. Lift your chest off of the floor, return to flat position, bring your arms out into T position, Lift your chest off of the floor. For added intensity and difficulty, keep your feet off of the floor, or lift them along with your arms.


  1. The B Girl


Begin in a crouch, knees bent and arms straight, hands directly below shoulders. Lift left arm and right leg, kicking right leg underneath the body to the left. Return to crouch and repeat with the opposite side. Continue alternating.

  1. Plank Jack with a Twist



Begin in Plank position, jumping your legs out to the sides like a jumping jack, then bring the legs back together, drive the right knee towards the left elbow, return to plank. Repeat the cycle.


  1. Knee-Tuck


Begin in Pushup position on a glider or a dish towel, drive your knees forward into your chest, hold for two counts, slowly return to pushup position. Repeat.


  1. Plank Knee Drive


From Pushup position glide your knees toward your left elbow, hold for two counts, then back down into pushup position. Repeat with opposite side. Continue Alternating.



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Happy Ab Sculpting!



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