Berry Blast Pre-Workout Smoothie

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Berry Blast Pre-Workout Smoothie

Berry Blast Pre-workout Smoothie

Before a rigorous workout, especially on a Monday, I find myself in need of a little Pre-workout energy. Some of you may love drinking the pre-workout straight, but if you are on the more sensitive side, you may want to get inspired by this BERRY BLAST PRE-Workout SMOOTHIE.

I specifically like to include Berries in my pre workout smoothies because they are jam packed with antioxidants. Berries, the brighter the better, deliver an energy boost and fight oxidative stress during a workout thanks to their high ORAC score. Throw in some grapes to complete the fruity medley. Grape skins help boost the body’s nitric oxide level, expanding blood vessels for a better workout. Grapes are also rich in resveratrol, which blocks the growth of fat cells around your waist, aiding your pursuit of the perfect V-shape.

Adding a little bit of protein to your shake is ok, but it should be noted that protein intake too close to a workout may lead to stomach cramps and indigestion.


SO, are you ready for this mind blowing, delicious Pre workout smoothie recipe?


Berry Blasy Pre-Workout Smoothie

1/8 cup Blueberries (frozen or fresh)

¼ cup strawberries (frozen or fresh)

¼ cup raspberries (frozen or fresh)

¼ cup grapes WITH THE SKIN (frozen or fresh) 

½ cup orange juice

1 tablespoon Plain Yogurt

1 scoop SNS Pre-Workout Supplement 

(Test your tolerance before using the full scoop.)


Pulse until smooth. Serve. 


This smoothie is best within about 20-30 minutes before your workout begins. Even without the Pre-workout supplement, this smoothie packs quite the Pre-Workout punch.


Quick tip: Follow up your workout with a blended protein shake, but try adding pineapple which helps with restoring the muscles. Add cherry for natural pain relief.


 Happy Blending! 


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