Kick The Sugar Addiction

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Kick The Sugar Addiction

Kick The Sugar Addiction

The toughest part of any diet plan is resisting temptation. When we have cravings it’s almost always for something sweet, but as we all know those sweets are the inevitable downfall of the hard work that’s already been put into losing weight and getting into shape. That’s why we want to help you kick that sugar addiction once and for all with these helpful tips!

Choose a naturally sweet treat

When your sweet tooth just won’t leave you alone, instead of going for the candy and cookies, choose something more natural. Fruit contains natural sugars which means they are much better for you than those added sugars you find in junk food. The fruit will not only curb your cravings, but also give you natural energy as the glucose helps to fuel your brain and muscles!

Pick a treat that is low in added sugars

Let’s be realistic here. Not everyone will always be able to make the choice to choose fruit over a donut or chocolate bar, so when something healthy just isn’t doing it for your make sure you read the labels! Check to see how many added sugars are in the food you select and choose the one with the least amount of added sugars. How do you tell? Look for words that end with ‘ose’; as in maltose, dextrose and sucrose. These are all names for added sugars and ones you want to stay away from when you’re trying to kick that habit.

Resist the substitutes

We know that the phrase ‘calorie free’ and ‘low calorie’ are tempting when you are dieting, but they add no nutritional value and just feed your sugar addiction. So, instead of reaching for the artificial sweeteners choose something more natural like agave or honey, in moderation of course.

Keep snacks handy

When you give up sugar cravings for some sort of snack tend to increase. You can prepare for this by keeping some of your favorite unsalted nuts, fruit or some other healthy snack on hand.

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