THE 7 Healthiest Foods and Drinks to Cure a Hangover

THE 7 Healthiest Foods and Drinks to Cure a Hangover

St Patrick’s Day is coming up, and I don’t know about you, but all of my friends think they're Irish… so it’s kind of a big deal. Typically, we lose count by 5 pm, yeah that’s right, 5 pm… we don’t have kids yet. Whatever your holiday plans are, or if you don’t celebrate, really just in general if you ever drink, like ever, this is some pretty great information for you!

Now, a lot of people have their methods to post party animal night out, but a lot of those methods are actually really unhealthy, and they only perpetuate the body’s lack of recovery. Eating a giant greasy breakfast ? You might feel better for a little while, but here’s a list of the BEST foods and beverages of HEALTHY hangover cures. 



Eggs are loaded with Cysteine, which is an amino acid that can break down toxins that your body cannot, or has yet to break down. Eggs are also high in B Vitamins, which have been proven to reduce hangover symptoms. So, when you stop in the diner for your greasy hangover food, its not really the grease that’s helping you, it’s as simple as a plate of eggs.

 Coconut Water

Alcohol Molecules suck the body dry of H2O. This includes the brain! Which is why you have a nasty headache the next day. The trick is to hydrate, but also after losing so much water, the body needs an extra boost of electrolytes to reboot. Typically, one might reach for a bottle of Gatorade, but those sports drinks are often full of unnecessary artificial food dyes, and way too many sugars that don’t really support brain function. So here is the trick, follow up your good time with a low-sugar coconut water which contains just as many electrolytes as a bottle of Gatorade, with out all the added eccentricities. Another little hack I learned from one of my more active party animal friends, Pedialyte! Drink half a big bottle of pedialyte when you get home, just before bed, and the other half when you wake up. I swear by this magic. 



The miracle that is ginger has been in our lives since we were wee little tots with a tummy ache. A bottle of ginger ale always made everything better, but why? Ginger root is useful for balancing the digestive system. It eases aches and pains, promotes digestive regularity, minimizes gas, bloating, constipation, and even vomiting. You could have a glass or a bottle of ginger ale, but most are loaded with sugars that will only promote the bodies lack of hydration. If you are a fan of the carbonation, but you want to pick the BEST options click here for my carbonated low-sugar ginger ale recipe. If you prefer the method that does not involve drinking anything, or you just don’t like the flavor, consider taking ginger capsules, which you can find at most health food stores. Two capsules every hour with water (not on an empty stomach) and you should be good to go! 

Tomato Juice


The trick to using tomato juice as your hangover cure is to keep it virgin. Contrary to popular opinion, hair of the dog is not an actual hang over remedy. I know, no fun! But tomato juice really does help with a hangover, it packs enough simple sugar to get you levels up and running again, and it has inflammation-fighting lycopene and a serious hydrating factor! So when you go to that next day brunch, remember that adding alcohol to the mix, while fun, is not going to help your body to repair, it only distracts the body from making progress.




You know that saying, “Don’t break the seal!”? Yeah, that’s not just because you are drinking alcohol, and hopefully a little water during your all night bender, its because alcohol draws water from the body’s cells, creating more urine and causing you to literally flush potassium down the toilet. Getting weak, shaky, cramping? Those are all signs of low potassium and high blood pressure. Don’t worry!!! Get a banana! Banana’s are PACKED with potassium, and they can shoot your levels back up in no time.




Studies show that asparagus extract can boost the levels of enzymes that break down alcohol. Sadly this is MORE effective when eaten before drinking, but hey if you know you are going to go all out, like on Saint Patricks day, why not plan a meal beforehand that will make you feel like you are still in your twenties, able to handle a college level night out? Even though it is more helpful as a precautionary meal, scientists still believe it can have a positive effect on your hangover symptoms the next day. Let the asparagus break down those nasty toxins!




So maybe coffee isn’t a cure, but if you are a morning coffee drinker, you should probably not skip the morning after a big bender. For one, it’s a great pick me up, and two, who wants to partner a hangover headache with a caffeine withdrawal headache? That’s right, no one. If you are NOT a daily coffee drinker, now is not the time to start. Coffee, while being the singularly most spectacular drink in the world, aside from water, is a natural diuretic and will only further the dehydration of your body. So, if you are drinking coffee, match each cup with one 8 oz glass of water, minimum.


So, Just to recap, We advocate a healthy hangover cure, but lets be real here, drinking is not going to help you make those gains you're looking for, nor are they going to help with weight loss in general. But hey, nobody is perfect, and everyone deserves to have a little fun from time to time. So be safe this Saint Patrick's Day! Come back and see us real soon! 


Happy Saint Patrick's Week! 




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