The Mother of All Workouts

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The Mother of All Workouts

The Mother of All Workouts

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to honor all of you Mom’s out there will a special look at a few of our favorite articles on working out with your kids. We couldn’t settle on just one, since just one wouldn’t do for you, so here are five of the best ranging from Mom and Baby, to fun things you can do with your children as they get a little older. In the end, its all about family, but really… Its ALL about Her.

1. The Mommy and Me Workout


Many mother’s find themselves feeling too involved in their new life with their new born to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Often, just finding the time to work out at home can be difficult, but with these Mommy and Me moves, you will find yourself able to interact with your child while burning calories and strengthening your muscles.

2. Boogy with the Baby


Dance with your baby! Yoga with your infant! Pick her up and play with her in the air. Get moving and go for a run! Here’s a few fun ideas to get you started.

3. Tone The Tummy with the Toddler


As your baby gets bigger, you get to naturally increase your weight, and the complexities of your workouts. You're toddler has a strong neck now, and its easier to strap them in and work on your squats and lunges. You’ll notice your strength increases as your baby gets bigger ;)

4. The Stroller Stretch


Taking your baby to the park and rolling her around can be boring or monotonous sometimes, but with the right plan and routine, you can make your walk in the park a sunny stroll to a better post partum bod.


5. Flexible Family Fun


As your kids get older, you need to find new ways to stay active with your hectic schedule, and that may mean finding time in between the madness to get your heart rate up. Make chores a game, or commercial breaks become a fitness challenge. The more exciting being active is, the more you will find yourself staying active with your children.

Have an awesome Active Mothers Day!

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