Tried & True Techniques and Workouts to Maximize Your Weight loss

Tried & True Techniques and Workouts to Maximize Weight loss


When you workout 5 times a week to get fit, stay fit, and lose weight, its important that you are maximizing your weight loss potential by doing the right workouts and by using the proper techniques. Of course, you have to follow a rigorous workout plan, with a healthy, well balanced diet. Years of research has shown that the following these techniques- if done properly- will help you achieve the body you are striving for.

Enhance your Cardio 

Cardio is key to a well rounded work out routine, but did you know that by simply adding intervals of intensified effort you can actually jumpstart your metabolism to a slightly higher rate during your workout, and it takes hours for it to slow back down. That means you end up burning calories long after your workout is complete.


The simplest way to add these intervals of intensity is to amplify your speed, whether its while your jogging, swimming, running on the treadmill, you can simply push harder and faster for 3 seconds to every five minutes, in order to get the desired results. For best results, its important that your heart rate becomes elevated and you are breathing hard, because it’s supposed to be intense, not easy. 

Increase your Strength


So your metabolic rate has been raised due to an intensified Cardio Regime and you are looking for other ways to increase your metabolism. Weight and Strength Training are crucial to the growth and development of your muscles. The bigger and stronger your muscles get; the more calories they will demand in a day. Lifting heavy can greatly benefit your overall progress. With the following moves, you can amp up your routine with the most effective workouts, and the best results

Pushups and Pull-ups


Pushups target the chest shoulders and arms. As a well rounded routine, pushups have their place on the list, but be careful, if a pushup isn’t done right, you will not see the same results. Proper form is to keep you arms shoulder width apart, elbows tucked, back straight, keep your butt in line with your back, and try to maintain an even controlled descent. 

Pull ups offer a multitude of benefits. The muscles you work while practicing a pull up can strengthen your entire back, and assist in the tightening of your core.

The Crunch

The problem with a Crunch, is we have all seen it done badly or incorrectly. When a crunch is done correctly, you are going to feel it, but it should not be your only ab workout. Proper crunch form has your back on the ground, hands behind your head, but not pulling on your head and neck, and your feet up and knees 90 degrees to your hips. When a crunch is initiated from the abdomen instead of pulling from the neck, you will feel the difference.

Bicep Curls

This simple, yet effective exercise can help with balance and proper weight distribution. When the Bicep curls are done correctly. You should take two counts to come up, and three counts to lower, why? Because you are stronger when you are lowering weight than picking it up, and by making slow controlled moves, you can intensify the work your biceps are doing. Make sure to have a strong center of balance, your going to feel this all the way into your chest in your stabilization muscles.


Man, a good squat routine can really get your blood pumping. Your base (Glutes and legs) are some of your biggest muscles, and in many cases they are the easiest to build. You use these muscles every day, so they are a little more used to the excitement. A good squat routine is going to amplify muscle growth, allowing you to burn fat faster. Don’t forget to use your heels!!

Reverse Dip

The reverse dip is one of the most effective tricep workouts, and it keeps you mindful of your control over your body. Good form means everything, so go slow, squeeze hard, and dip low.



Seems super basic, but the Lunge is one of the best leg day workouts you can do. Talk about staying balanced and pushing forward.

Bent over Row

The Bent over row gets into your back and shoulders, again, the simple exercises that help to activate those stabilization muscles are the ones that are going to get into those spaces between the muscles and really work out that fat.


Always focus on form, and breathing, if you start to forget those, you are no longer getting the full benefit of your workout.


Happy Lifting!

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